Facebook will pay $5 billion fine

data privacy
The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has authoritatively rebuffed Facebook with a $5 billion fine for the Cambridge Analytics outrage and further information misfortune. At last, the FTC led on the Cambridge Analytica outrage and the resulting loss of client…
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Prevention of phone exploding

Explosive devices discover a way to dominate the news cycle every few years. And while these accidents are extremely uncommon, they are hard to comprehend. Why are phones going to explode? And how do I understand my phone is not going to explode? Thermal Runaway Explosions At whatever point a Li-ion battery detonates or bursts into flames, it’s experiencing a procedure called warm out of control. This procedure can be somewhat hard to see, so we’ll keep things short, sweet, and free…
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Huawei resumes business with Google

Huawei Google
President Donald Trump said on Saturday that US organizations could offer gear to Chinese telecom mammoth Huawei, showing a possibly milder position on a key staying point in the US-China exchange war. “US organizations can offer their gear to Huawei,”…
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