Full Stack Developers Explained: Why You Need One & How To Hire One?

The full stack developers in recent years have earned a lot of demands. The demand is so exhilarating that full stack development has almost become a trend in the job markets. While some consider this reputation and fame of full stack developers quite deserving, too many others think this is just one of the quick passing trends. 

Small business and startup app projects find full stack developers rather suitable for bringing the development cost down and managing the app project relatively quickly. Let’s understand who these full stack app developers are, why you need to hire full stack developers, and the critical considerations for hiring full stack developers. 

Who are Full Stack Developers?

Every app project has two broad areas of development skills such as frontend or client-side and backend or server-side. Full-stack developers are web or software app developers having skills in both server-side or backend development and client-side or frontend development. They can equally handle the representation layer of the app about the frontend, the server configuration, the API layer of the backend, and the database of the app project. To put it simply, full stack developers can develop an app from the very startup to the finishing line. 

Why Should you Hire Full Stack Developers? 

Of course, full stack developers tend to be all-rounders who can take care of an app project from start to finish. Businesses hire full stack developers for a broad spectrum of benefits, including robust and all-around abilities, minor team and corresponding cost advantages, long-term benefits in easy app maintenance, and many others. Let’s have a quick look at the key advantages of hiring full stack developers. 

  • Experience and Skill: Full stack developers have the necessary qualifications, track record, and expertise in developing the app project’s frontend and backend. They are real all-rounders in the developing world and can share the bigger vision of the project. 
  • Expertise with a Tech Stack: Full stack developers generally command leading technology stacks such as MEAN, MERN, or LAMP. These stacks’ frontend, backend, and database technologies are tested and tried across many successful app projects. 
  • Maintenance and Updates: With a whole stack developer team, the app maintenance and releasing updates become significantly more accessible as the full stack developers can make value additions and changes on both frontend and backend at any time during the project. 
  • Easier Troubleshooting: A full stack developer with the complete vision of the app project on both the client and server-side can easily detect inconsistencies, performance issues, and user experience glitches. Full stack developers come as essential assets for an app project for frequent troubleshooting. 
  • Lower Development Cost: An app project with a smaller budget by hiring full stack developers can quickly lower the development cost by reducing a load of specialist developer resources for the app project. Since one full stack developer can take responsibility for multiple frontend and backend tasks, this drastically reduces the development cost. 
  • Faster Time to Market: An app project can adhere to the project deadline and milestones better by hiring a team of full stack developers who can visualize the entire project and carry out development tasks simultaneously for the client-side and server-side of the project. 
  • More Accountability: Since full stack developers deal with all responsibilities of an app project and play a crucial role in the planning and execution of the app project from the grounds up, they hold more accountability for the development output than the specialists engaged either with frontend or backend development. 

How to Hire a Full Stack Developer?

It is essential to consider the following qualities and technical skills to hire a full stack developer with the right app projects expertise and experience. Let’s look at the general qualities followed by the technical skills of a full stack developer. 

Key Qualities of a Full Stack Developer

  • The developer should be savvy about learning new technologies. 
  • The developer should know various technologies, not just a few stacks. 
  • The developers should build the app from scratch, right from planning to the final stage of testing and deployment.
  • The developer should be well aware of the evolving trends and developments. 
  • The developers should have a bigger vision of the app project, its objectives, and its target audience. 

Key Technical Skills of a Full Stack Developer

These vital technical skills a full stack developer should have included the following. 

  • Principal web languages such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript 
  • Backend frameworks like NodeJS and ExpressJS 
  • Key database technologies such as MongoDB, NoSQL, etc.
  • Command on the leading OS platforms such as Linux, Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android. 
  • Command on version control.
  • Skills corresponding to app deployment and hosting. 
  • Expertise with third-party APIs and services. 

Apart from assessing these qualities and technical skills, full stack developers should also be tested for the desired ability to deal with uncertain situations in an app project. It would help if you went deeper into their proactive skills to deal with problems and situations that they have not dealt with before. 

A sharp mind with a knack to solve unique problems and learn new things is key to being an accomplished full stack developer. Apart from using platforms like HackerEarth for testing their coding skills and technical abilities, you should always try them with a small demo app project. 


Do you want to hire a great full stack developer skilled enough to deal with every development challenge about both frontend or backend development? Well, you must adhere to the industry-acclaimed measures to find the developer team with the right level of experience, expertise, and skill set. Here we tried to provide some light on the hiring process of full stack developers.