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Ultimate Java 8 stream in details

Java 8 stream
Java 8 stream is a powerful feature of the Java programming language that allow you to process collections of data in a declarative and functional style. In this tutorial, we will take a look at the basics of Java streams…

Java 8 Streams filter, tutorial

This tutorial will show you some use of Java 8 Streams. We will learn how to use collect(), filter(), findAny() and orElse(). filter and collect Result filter, findAny and orElse Result: filter and map

How to create json to pojo online quickly

Now a days JSON is extremely popular. In software engineering you can’t think without it. JSON means Javascript object notation. If you are a java programmer or android developer, you are familiar with the name called POJO. Here POJO means…

Applications that You can create Using Java

A general-purpose language that’s greatly used for creating desktop as well as mobile apps, Java is still highly popular. Java-built apps are appropriate with almost all major platforms and operating systems as well. The development environment of Java is robust…