Important android libraries you must have to use

Developing an android app is not so much easy. Its takes lots of time, dedication and hard works. An android developer has to take so many important steps in account to make a good, reliable and successful app. Choosing library is one of them. Library can reduce the development time and also helps to increase the code quality. There are lots of libraries out there and you just need to know how to and which to use them according to your need in order to reduce the work load. Today I will discuss about some of them which are very very important.


Retrofit is a HTTP Client for android and java which is developed by Square. It is an awesome open source library for handling APIs calls in android. If your app has to call the get, post, put, update or other http request methods retrofit is your best choice. I will recommend to use this library 100 and 10 times. Its smooth and professional. Its easy to implements. Currently retrofit has 31K+ stars in github.


Good looking UI is an obvious thing in android. In order to create nice UI you can not avoid circle shape imageview. CircleImageView is such a library which provide the ability to create the circular ImageView which is developed by hdodenhof. It has 11K+ stars in github. This library uses BitmapShader technology.


Glide is an awesome and advanced image loading library developed by bumptech. Glide works fast and efficiently. It provides media decoding, memory and disk caching facilities. Glide can also fetch the thumbnail from supported video file and also can load the animated gif pictures. This library works effectively in any use cases like loading, fetching, displaying or resizing remote image.


SDP is a library of scalable size unit. There are lots of android phone out there and they have different screen sizes. So some time the single size or scale does not cover all the screens. SDP comes here to reduce the problem. It provides the dynamic size unit depending on screen size. SDP is developed by intuit.


If you need to use SQLite database in android greenDao will be your best choice. GreenDao developed by greenrobot. Its the fastest ORM system in android. GreenDao also supports encrypted database using SQLCipher. By default the greendao generates the DAO classes using generator.


Eventbus is also developed by greenrobot. Eventbus is used to communicate between classes, activities, fragments, services and etc. It adds the quality to your code. It provides advanced features like delivery threads, subscriber priorities, etc. Eventbus is used in many apps which have millions of downloads.


Stock or default loading view in android is too much boring. You can use this library to show some amazing loading views without block any UI. AviLoadingIndicatorView is developed by 汪海游龙 .


If you need to show alert dialog in your app. Trust me, you want to use this library. It has awesome looking fluid dialog api. Materil dialogs is developed by afollestad.