Monitor Your Website’s Performance for These Surprising Benefits

Monitoring your business website is beneficial for several reasons, not the least of which is the
ability to find potential problems and remove them before they become costly. It’s about much
more than that, however; staying on top of the inner workings of your site and tracking the
movements of your customers can help you grow exponentially as you stay on top of trends
through analytics. Keeping an eye on your website can also help if you want to refresh your
marketing campaign and reach a wider audience.

It can also be helpful to keep up with the latest tech trends so you’ll always have the most up-to-
date information regarding the security of your site and payment systems. Captaindroid is a great
place to start.

Use this informative guide to create a plan for monitoring your business website and making
changes accordingly:

Stay on top of your performance with analytics

When looking at your site, customers should easily be able to find what they need, but they also
need a reason to stick around and look at multiple pages because these numbers affect your
search engine ratings. Even something as seemingly small as page loading speed can negatively
affect your search rank if it’s longer than a couple of seconds.

That’s why great website design is so crucial for businesses of every size and why you should be
monitoring its performance with an analytics tool. Knowing vital information such as how many
unique visitors are on your site as well as how long they’re sticking around will help you make
significant changes to the design, improve traffic flow, and ensure that your audience will keep
coming back.

Use a BPM tool for even better website interactions

When it comes to making sure your site is as efficient as possible, you’ll also want to take a look
at your security tools. Monitoring your website often will allow you to ensure that your security
software is up-to-date and that you’re using the best option for your needs, which will, in turn,
keep your most sensitive information safe. Cyber theft can occur anywhere at any time, and
small businesses aren’t immune to those losses. In fact, smaller companies may be even more at
risk, as thieves assume there aren’t sophisticated security measures in place. Not only does a
security breach affect your customers, it can lead to costly problems for you in the form of
litigation and lost data.

Take control of a difficult situation

Even if you’re lucky enough to avoid security issues, monitoring your website will allow you to
take control of unexpected downtime, which affects every business at some point. Servers crash,
hardware malfunctions, and unforeseen customer activity can overload your system and cause
interruptions. By keeping an eye on your site at all times, you can get ahead of customer service
issues and let them know that you’re on top of the problem even if you haven’t quite found a solution yet. This will allow you to take control of what may turn out to be a challenging situation so you can reassure your customers and keep your reputation intact. Not only that, it
may prevent quite a bit of lost income if you’re aware of a problem right away.

Refresh your brand

Keeping your site secure isn’t the only way to make sure your customers are happy. Keeping
tabs on your site–and on your competitors’ sites–will allow you to make sure your branding and
marketing methods are working. If you’ve had the same logo and style for a while, it may be
time for a refresh. You don’t have to give your entire band an overhaul; making small changes
can have a big impact and can rejuvenate your business in the eyes of your customers. This is a
cost-effective way to boost your marketing strategy while dialing into trends and catering to the
needs of your audience.

Fine-tune product rollouts

While a marketing refresh can breathe new life into a business, sometimes it’s also necessary to
add a product or service that will help you grow and delve into a wider audience base. Whether
your product is seasonal or here to stay, monitoring your website can give you key information
on how prepared you are for a roll out since there are several steps involved. For instance,
knowing how much traffic your site can handle will allow you to ensure that an influx of
customers on launch day won’t crash the pages and leave you–and your customers–floundering.

Make communication with customers easier

As you build your brand and offer new products, it’s important to make sure your
communication tools are as efficient as possible. This will help you stay on top of customer
concerns or questions, which will both help them get the most out of your business and allow
you to learn from this launch for the next one. Monitoring your site’s communication tools will
give you all the relevant information you need to keep customer service tight and professional.

Monitoring your business website has a range of benefits, including giving you important data
through analytics and allowing you to manage customer interactions using a BPM tool. Make a
list of the most crucial elements of your site and note the ones that could use your attention, then
use this guide to help you navigate a few changes so you can focus on growth in the coming

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