How to create json to pojo online quickly

Now a days JSON is extremely popular. In software engineering you can’t think without it. JSON means Javascript object notation. If you are a java programmer or android developer, you are familiar with the name called POJO. Here POJO means Plain old java object. Basically it’s a class contains getter/setter which we use to parse JSON, read the data and use it in our software development.

Today we will learn how to create JSON to POJO quickly using a very handy online tool name foxytool. Here is the steps listed below.

  1. Copy your target JSON
  2. Go to
  3. Paste your json code
  4. Type your desired java class and package name in the box.
  5. Click on “Create Java POJO”
  6. Done

Your POJO will be created automatically. Just copy the code paste it into your ide.