How Do I Find Good Android App Developers?

In this modern age where mobile apps have become vital for our day-to-day activities, recruiting the best android app developers has become of prime importance for your enterprise app. Imagine, hiring a developer without a proper background check can be hazardous for your business.

The mobile app revenue in 2020 was nearly USD 582 billion, and it is expected to reach USD 935 billion by 2023 end. Therefore, having good app developers will benefit you immensely. 

Introduction to an App Developer

An app developer is someone who deals with programming to build an application for computers, mobile devices, tablets, TV, smartwatches, and more. They develop apps, test them to find bugs and errors, and fix them before launching them to the Play Store or App Store. 

There are several skills that an android app developer must possess to create impeccable and high-performing apps for their end-users.

  • Skills for Specific Platform
  • Skills for Specific Device
  • Skills for Specific App Category

Skills for Specific Platform

A mobile app developer master in building platform-specific apps for macOS, iOS, Windows, or Android!

The most commonly used programming language for Windows is C#, JavaScript, Java, and Python. At the same time, Java & Kotlin are the best ones known for Android app development. For any Apple device, Swift & Objective-C are the most commonly used programming languages. 

Skills for Specific Device

An app developer might be a master in building apps for particular devices like smartwatches, TVs, or tablets. 

It should be noted that different gadgets need different apps as they all do not have the same properties. For instance, a Smart TV app has ample screen space required, while a smartwatch app uses screen space more efficiently.

Skills for Specific App Category

App developers are also specifically skilled in specific development areas like accounting apps, scanner apps, gaming apps, and much more.

Building mobile apps for specific app categories requires expertise and in-depth knowledge. For instance, an android app developer with an excellent fashion sense can create a better clothing e-commerce app that users will love to use. 

Challenges to find Android App Developers

It is challenging to find a talented android app developer who will maintain and boost your brand image. It is good to invest proper time searching for the right candidate for your project; otherwise, it might cost you time and money. Also, while finding the right Android developer, it is essential that you select the Android developer with Android Studio skills. 

Another challenge is the high demand to find a good android developer. Moreover, if you are not into programming, it will be more problematic to evaluate the developers’ potential due to a lack of IT knowledge. 

Required Skill Set for Android App Developers

Soft skills required-

  • The essential skill for being a great android app developer is working as a team player, irrespective of skill level. 
  • Facing problems while the android app development process is unavoidable; hence you need someone to cope with the stress without becoming diabetic.
  • A skilled developer should know that even if he is the sole developer for the project, he will need to collaborate with designers, QA engineers, and marketers. An app developer should be able to interact with technical & non-technical people smoothly. 
  • A good app developer must keep learning new things in this ever-evolving world. They have to be updated with the constantly changing market demands. 
  • Moreover, another significantly important skill is time management. Delivering work on time is the essential skill set everyone is looking for these days.

Hard skills required-

Hard skills are a requisite for being an excellent developer in fulfilling clients’ needs. 

  • The programmers’ tech knowledge in coding, frameworks is a must to develop great apps.
  • Java skills! This cannot be compromised. Java is the most famous programming language for building Android apps. 
  • A great app developer must be able to fix bugs and errors. 
  • They should know how to work with Kotlin and View. 
  • API skills! API competency can be checked by asking them about SOAP or XML and JSON. 
  • Someone who can understand the UI/UX design principles and SQLite & SQL.
  • Find someone who has Google Play experience, including posting & upgrading apps in the market. 
  • A great android app developer should have a thorough understanding of the back-end for building a remarkable app.

How to Recruit Android App Developer

So, you have found several app developers for your business, but you are perplexed about whose skills will meet your project’s requirements. 

One # Define your Project Requirements

Firstly, you should clearly define your business idea and look into the implementation part of it. 
Two # Shortlist the Best Resumes & Line up Interviews

  • Search for experienced agencies with impressive portfolios and check out the open-source projects on GitHub listed by several software companies. 
  • You can compare the portfolios with positive and negative reviews, allowing you to choose if this is the right team for you. 
  • After reviewing them all, shortlist the best android app developers for your mobile app project.

Three # Conduct an Interview

In the interview, ask about everything you need to know to ensure they are the right fit for your project. You can also find technical android question here:

  • Know about their recent projects, clients, and experience.
  • Check the links of their projects.
  • Ask them about the programming languages they used in their past work. 
  • Ask them what app types and industries they catered to.
  • Ask them their strengths and weaknesses to get an idea about how they will serve you the best.
  • Ask them about their soft skills and hard skills. 
  • Once the skill set matches perfectly as planned, ask them their hourly rate and pay expectations. 

Four # Make a Decision

Keep in mind that cooperation and teamwork play the best role everywhere. Together with the software company, plan if outsourcing them would be the best or hiring a developer. Transparent communication is the key to success.

Final Words

After identifying your goals, it’s time to look for an ideal android app developer who will indeed deliver a high-performing and incredible app to match your needs. 

A single app developer won’t have all the skill sets. Hence it is crucial to contemplate your requirements and accordingly find an app developer. 

Building an android app will require an excellent team; make sure you conduct thorough research before making a hasty decision.