How to Make Dangerous Line App Secure For Kids

Line is amongst the most popular instant messaging applications empowering users to communicate with the people across the globe. It allows sending text messages, making audio and video calls, making conversations fun with stickers and emoticons, sharing media files, playing games, and widening social network. If your kids are using Line messaging app, make sure that they protect their privacy and use personal information such as phone number and Line ID carefully. Teach your kid the Settings to protect privacy on Line, and monitor their use of the instant messaging app to protect them from vulnerabilities. In this post, we have discussed how you can make the messaging app secure for your teens and tweens using Line Spy App.

Start with Line Privacy and Security Settings

If your teen has recently started using Line App, help him learn and implement the privacy and security settings offered by Line. It will help to safeguard kids from predators and pedophiles on Line App.

Not allow strangers to add you in Line friends using mobile number

The Line users who are also in your phone’s contact list will automatically be added to your Line friend-list. If someone has your phone number registered in their phonebook, the app will add you to their Line friend list. On the other, if you do not have saved them on your contact list, you will see them on Friend Recommendations list on your Line account. To restrict others from adding you to their friend list, go to Settings and then Friends. Uncheck the small box in front of Allow Others to Add to disallow other users to search you and automatically add you to their Line friends using your mobile number.

Protect Line Chat with Password

Line allows you to set a passcode to restrict unauthorized persons from opening your Line app without your permission. Go to Line Settings > Privacy > Passcode Lock. The app will ask you to enter the password every time you open it. However, if you forget the password, you will have to uninstall and reinstall the app to use the app again. This process will also delete your chat history.

Line Spy App can support you beyond your imaginations

Though the Line privacy and security settings can help your kid deal with annoying people, you need more security to protect them from scoundrels. The only and best solution is to use the Line Spy software to keep tabs on the stuff transmitted and received by kids via Line. Parents can track Line app to monitor the individual and group text messages, voice messages and multimedia messages sent and received by kids without accessing their mobile phones. The Android Spy app for Line helps you monitor self-destructive Line messages, friends list, file sharing and history of calls received and made through Line. Monitoring helps parents analyze the people who are engaged with their kids on messaging app and take measures on smelling dangers.