Online translator – localize string of android studio

When you want to support multiple language in your android app, it becomes hard to translate your string. You have to go to google translator, translate the data and put it back again in android studio and vice versa. It is really a very boring work to do.

Foxytool – Online Translator

Today we will talk about a tool named online translator which is actually made to do this work automatically. This tool is capable of translating your string file in multiple language. You just need to perform some mouse click, that’s it. It will take care of everything.

Open link online translator. Copy texts from your strings.xml file in android studio. Paste it in the tool. Now select your target language and click on translate.

selecting target language

It will start translating. When it’s done it will let you download a zip file.

Translation done

After download and extract the file you will get the values folder for the corresponding language. Just copy these folder into your android studio.