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Prevention of phone exploding

Explosive devices discover a way to dominate the news cycle every few years. And while these accidents are extremely uncommon, they are hard to comprehend. Why are phones going to explode? And how do I understand my phone is not going to explode? Thermal Runaway Explosions At whatever point a Li-ion battery detonates or bursts into flames, it’s experiencing a procedure called warm out of control. This procedure can be somewhat hard to see, so we’ll keep things short, sweet, and free…

Java Calculate Percentage

Calculating percentage in java is very easy. Just follow the simple mathematics, No need to do anything extra. The math is: Gained value / total value * 100. That’s it. Here is the java code:

Classes and Objects in Java

Classes and Objects in Java

Class Think about our life in this world. We are the people living all together. Think about our surroundings. Think about our environments. There are animals, there are trees, there are forests, buildings, vehicles, mountains, sea, rivers and many more…

What is Java?

Java is a general purpose programming language which is very popular and at the same time it used by world wide. It is an well structured class based, concurrent and object oriented programming language. There are so many applications and…