Huawei CEO says its Android alternative is ‘likely’ faster

This Chinese electronics giant made its own operating system so that it do not have to rely on Google anymore.

In late June, Donald Trump said he’d facilitate the confinements that restricted US organizations from working with Huawei, a huge Chinese technology company. At the point when precisely that will happen stays indistinct, as Huawei seems to at present be boycotted by the Department of Commerce. Most damagingly, the boycott implies Huawei can’t utilize Google’s Android programming. However, it would seem that Ren Zhengfei, Huawei’s founder and CEO, isn’t putting money on being invited over into the Android family.

Zhengfei recently addressed French distribution Le Point about HongMeng OS, a working operating system of Huawei is making to limit its reliance on Google’s Android OS. Zhengfei apparently said HongMeng OS is “likely” to be faster than Android, indicating a report from the state-worked GlobalTimes that said it was 60% faster and quicker.

While Zhengfei flaunted that HongMeng is intended to associate over numerous gadgets or devices, including phones, autos and server or data center, he conceded that Huawei does not have aa choice to Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Huawei is presently attempting to make that alternative.

The CEO’s remarks imply that, paying little mind to whether Huawei is lifted from the Department of Commerce’s boycott, Huawei is probably going to push alone working framework. Despite the fact that a portion of the organization’s telephones use Qualcomm chips, the greater part of its leader telephones contain Huawei’s own Kirrin CPUs. The organization’s spat with the US government looks to at last make it more confident than any other time in recent memory – if HongMeng can contend with Android, that is.

A Huawei representative didn’t remark on Zhengfei’s announcements, yet said: “Today, we are as yet dedicated to Microsoft Windows and Google Android. Be that as it may, in the event that we can’t utilize that, we will set up an arrangement B to utilize our very own OS.” Last Monday an organization official said Huawei “will hang tight for direction from the Department of Commerce” with respect to Android.

Updates on Huawei building its own working framework broke in late May, not long after it was hindered from utilizing Google’s product. In June it started trademarking the HongMeng name and welcomed engineers to distribute their applications on its AppGallery application store.

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