Ultimate way to monetize and earning money and profit with startapp

So guys, today I will be talking about an android ad network named STARTAPP, a very well known ad company and hereby I will share my experiences with this company.

It was back in 2016 I made an android app named Free Movies Online. The purpose of this app was to streaming movies for free in android. It was my evil idea. If you are interested about how I made this app you can read it from here. So after making this app I tried to integrate the google admob in it. After integrating the admob I published my app in playstore. It was all going fine, but one day I noticed that admob blocked my app for pirated contents. Ok, no problems, then I implemented facebook audience network ad in my app. Guess what? Facebook didnt even give me any chances. They rejected my app during reviews. Then I have searched for other networks and get in touched with STARTAPP. It was looking very promising. I thought lets give it a shot. I downloaded their SDK and implemented it, updated my app in playstore again and started to wait and see what happen.

You wont believe me, that the revenue was started to increase gradually. Within 6 days it started to generate $37+ per day. My god, those graphs and the picks, it was such a good things to looking at. Honestly specking, startapp is good. After all these things, I started to panic because I dont have any international credit card or paypal. But I found that STARTAPP is smart. They sent my money to my local bank(DBBL: Dutch-Bangla Bank) account. It was awesome. with in 2 months I earned over $800, startapp paid me well.

So now the question can be asked in you mind that what is the average ecpm of startapp? Honestly saying I got $1.50 to $3.00 at that time.It was a huge excitement for me. Here is a screenshot of the payment history:

startapp payment history